All Court Covers carries  high quality, durable tennis nets.  ACC tennis nets are extremely hardy, and stand up to Mother Nature. Our tennis playing nets are suitable for indoor and outdoor courts.  The Ace and the Double Ace tennis nets are made with  braiding and heat-sealing methods envied by our competition. Our 5-year warranty ensures their continued championship quality.

All Court Covers carries the Douglas brand of tennis nets.  This storied company has factory-made  tennis playing nets for decades. Douglas tennis nets nets are used at Tennis Clubs, the Olympics and at the US Open. A tennis net is 42′ wide and 3’6″ tall on the edges. Once installed correctly, a net ought to be 3’3″ tall in the middle before a middle center strap is put in – 3′ when the strap pulls the net down. Douglas nets come with a 47′ cable.

Tennis Nets
Tennis Court Nets

All Court Covers Ace Tennis NetThe ACC Ace tennis net is a a high-density, 3 mm braided, with knots secured with heat-sealing technology.  It withstands even extreme weather conditions.  4 rows of locked stitching on the headband allows it to withstand heavy abrasion and lots of daily use. ACC tennis nets have dowels and side tape.


  • Cable and side sticks
  • Polyester with vinyl coating double-ply headband—The weight: 20 ounces per square yard
  • Polyethylene netting with three metric linear unit braid offers a 325-pound break strength
    Professional-quality tennis net with a 5-year warranty

All Court Covers Double Ace Tennis Net   All Court Covers manufactures this playing net he same way as the Ace Tennis Net.    The Double Ace model boasts  a 3.5 MM braided headband with heat-sealed knots.   The ACC Double Ace net is a champion, even in extreme  conditions. Locked stitching on the headband makes it able to withstand great abuse, and it has fiberglass dowels.

Edwards 40 LS Double Center Tennis Net Tennis Nets & Accessories
Tennis Court Windscreens and Nets


  • 2-ply headband  in a 20 oz. weight
  • Thicker braid than the Ace Tennis Net—3.5 mm polyethylene—with 325-pound resistance from breakage
  • Professional-quality tennis playing net with a 5-year warranty
  • The Double Ace is made from tear-resistant vinyl
  • UV protected

  • Tennis Court Playing Nets
  • TN-45 tennis net
    Double thick 100 percent polyester band
    Plays sort of a canvas web, true web twine bounce
    3.5 millimeter decorated synthetic resin netting
    5 year warranty
  • TN-30DM tennis court net
    Vinyl coated polyester band
    3.0 millimeter decorated synthetic resin netting
  • Double twine in top 6 rows
    4 year warranty

  • Edwards Classic 2-7/8" Round Tennis Net Posts
    Tennis Net Posts

AT LAST!… A  Post designed with the cooperation of North America’s well known  Court Builders. With their support in mind,  ACC has built the New Elite lawn tennis post in 2 models :

Round lawn tennis Post (Model ER-200)
Square lawn tennis Post (Model ES-250).

A combination of chrome steel, brass and metal enhance the look of the Elite Post. The  internal wind mechanism is formed from brass with a brass handle. All exterior fittings are chrome steel. Posts come equipped complete with metal ground sleeves.
Color : Hunter  or Black

WT. 33 lbs. pair.

Douglas® Tennis nets and accessories

All Douglas® Tennis Nets meet USTA requirements for official size (42’ x 3’6”).

Netting is 1-3/4” square mesh braided solid core polyethylene, unsurpassed for

Durability and weather resistance. Vinyl bottom tape and side pockets of headbands

are polyester based and won’t shrink, mildew or rot when exposed to the elements.

All headbands have been lock-sewn with four rows of 32# white polyester thread.

The side and bottom tapes are double lock-stitched with black polyester thread. All

Tennis Nets include 1/2” Fiberglass side dowels.

Headband Netting

Item # Net Material Weight Size Break Strength Top 6 Rows

Double Mesh Warranty

Championship Tennis Nets

20045 TN-45 Double thick 100% polyester 48 oz 3.5 mm 325 lb. No 5 Year Warranty

30036T TN-36 -tapered Vinyl Coated Polyester, 2-ply 65 oz. (20 oz./sq. yd.) 3.5 mm 325 lb. No 5 Year Warranty

30038TD TN-36DMT -tapered Vinyl Coated Polyester, 2-ply 65 oz. (20 oz./sq. yd.) 3.5 mm 325 lb. Yes 5 Year Warranty

Tournament Tennis Nets

30029 TN-30DH Vinyl Coated Polyester, 2-ply 65 oz. (20 oz./sq. yd.) 3.0 mm 285 lb. No 4 Year Warranty

30030 TN-30DM Vinyl Coated Polyester, 2-ply 65 oz. (20 oz./sq. yd.) 3.0 mm 285 lb. Yes 4 Year Warranty

30060 TN-28DM Durable Polyester Web N/A 3.0 mm 285 lb. Yes 4 Year Warranty

Recreation Tennis Nets

30016 TN-16 -not pictured Vinyl Coated Polyester 32 oz. 3.0 mm 285 lb. No 3 Year Warranty

Bottom Taper