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ACC-80 tennis court windscreens has made it’s name as the top tennis windscreen. ACC-80 is preferred by the finest clubs and tournaments in North America. ACC- 80 is constructed to hold up better than any other windscreen.

ACC windscreens are fabricated to weather the elements and standard abuse during  matches. This is accomplished by bonding the elements throughout the process. Fabrication is done with an exclusive coating compound formula. The result is a sturdy  windscreen that guarantees longevity and performance.


ACC continues to expand their product offering of Tennis Windscreen. All tennis court windscreens are fabricated with either a 4-ply hem, or welded hems.  Our grommets are always every 12 inches for added strength and durability.

Tennis Windscreens
Tennis Windscreens and Logos

All Court Covers Tennis Windscreens 

ACC-75 ArmourMesh  windscreen  5 yr. warranty

ACC- Tuffy 78% opacity tennis wind screen.  5 year warranty

ACC-80 Standard tennis windscreen   4 yr. warranty

ACC-83 tennis court windscreen   4 yr. warranty

ACC-96 Closed mesh tennis court windscreen  4 yr. warranty

Knock down wind and keep distractions to a minimum.
ACC- Wind and Privacy Screens from All Court Covers will help facilitate players to raise their game to a new level. For extra personalization, print team names, logos or advertising in 15 colors.

tennis windscreens
Tennis Windscreens


A bestseller at All Court Covers, the ACC-80 windscreen is coated with strong and quality vinyl polyester blend. This lends it extra durability even in difficult weather conditions. The vinyl polyester combination can protect your tennis court from adverse natural conditions.

  • Optional air vents
  • 4-year warranty
  • Standard 6’ and 9’ height
  • Customized sizes
  • You can purchase the ACC-80 windscreen with central anti-billow tabs with installed central grommets for additional protection.
  • ACC-80 Colors (actual colors may vary)

Tennis Windscreens

ACC-80: Our tennis windscreen defends against mother nature like no other. ACC fabricates a very specific vinyl polyester blend in tennis windscreen products. ACC-80 has a four-year warranty. Air vents can be cut into the windscreens in either teardrop or boxed vent styles. Our grommets are spread one foot all around the perimeter of the tennis windscreen. 9′-high tennis court windscreens have a central tab with grommets 1′ on center. Normal sizes are 6′ and 9′ tall, but we will make any size tennis windscreen you need. Choose from many different colors:

Tennis Windscreens
Tennis Windscreen Logos

Tennis Windscreens
Tennis Windscreen Boxed Air Vents

ACC- 80 Tennis Windscreen

• Fabric: Vinyl Coated Polyester
• VCP: Open – 9 x 12 weave
• Opacity: 83%
• Weight: 9 oz. per sq. yd.
• Tensile Strength
• Fabrication: All fabrics to have welded hems, reinforced with 18oz vinyl tape.   Brass grommets shall be placed on maximum 12” intervals
• 4-year limited warranty

Tennis Windscreen with California Corner

ACC- 75 ArmorMesh Tennis Windscreen

ArmorMesh Colors (actual colors may vary)



ACC- 75 tennis windscreen is made with 14-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric.  The opacity is 75% shaded. ACC- 75 has a welded hem finish, and grommets are placed every 12”. Graphics and logos are available on this windscreen.  ACC- 75 comes with a 5-year warranty.

ArmorMesh Colors (actual colors may vary)

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Tuffy Windscreens

All Court Covers’ Tuffy® WINDSCREEN.  One of the most  durable, highest quality tennis court windscreen in the United States!  We make ACC- Tuffy with our exclusive Vipol® Matrix Material. This is a super-durable mesh fabric of tightly woven micro-fibers.  This process makes Tuffy ostensibly tear-proof.  ACC-Tuffy is the only windscreen finished with double-needle LOCK STITCHING. This eliminates the thread unraveling problem, of tennis windscreens that are chain-stitched.

5 Year Warranty

We back this product with  a 5-year factory warranty.  ACC- Tuffy is available in 20 colors. ACC- Tuffy Tennis Windscreen has a uniform, professional appearance. This enhances our sharp multi-color logos and graphics.  We install grommets all around the perimeter on 12″ centers. Opacity is 78%.  Anti billow tabs and grommets are on all screens of 9′ height.


Made of our exclusive VIPOL® Matrix, Tuffy Windscreen is super durable because it contains over 50% more micro-fibers than standard windscreens. It’s virtually tear-proof and is backed by a 5 YEAR limited factory WARRANTY. Edging all around is fully wrapped with VIPOL Matrix, and the highest quality brass grommets are installed every 12”. This extra heavy duty edging construction virtually eliminates the nagging problem of grommets pulling through standard windscreens. Every end and corner is DOUBLE lock-stitch finished to eliminate the unraveling problem of fully chain-stitched windscreens.

Available in 23 VIPOL COLORS shown on back cover. Also available with Chroma-Bond® Imprinting (See Page 14 for details)
Standard 6’ and 9’ High x Custom Lengths Custom Heights from 1’ to 30’+

Technical Specs

Fabric:  Vipol™ Matrix Material
Warranty:  5 YEAR limited factory warranty


Burnt Orange
Dark Forest Green
Forest Green
Kelly Green
Marine Blue
Navy Blue
Pro Blue
Royal Blue
Scarlet Red
Sport Grey
Tropical Orange
Sky Blue
Vegas Gold

ACC-85 Tennis Windscreen

This product is a totally polypropylene tennis windscreen. It has approximately 85% blockage and is great for blocking the wind. ACC can make any tennis windscreen fit your requirements.

We suggest this product be used for shorter periods of time. 100% polypropylene made  in blue, black and green.

Tennis Windscreens
96% Closed Mesh Tennis Windscreen

ACC- Knit Tennis Windscreen

This tennis windscreen  is completely made out of polyethylene. ACC-Poly windscreens are easy to put on your fence, and are made to be 120′ x 6′ or 120′ x 9′.

Tennis Windscreens
Tennis Windscreens
Lots Of Tennis Windscreen Colors To Choose From

Measuring your Fence for tennis windscreen

Start at a terminal/corner post and measure to the next terminal/corner post. Take care that you’re not holding your measurement tape against the fence. By measuring that way it can produce a slack, which can cause your screen to be too long.
Measure from one  tension bar to the next successive  tension bar. Disregard line posts, unless they’re court side. For simple handling, installation, and removal, screen sections shouldn’t be over sixty feet long.
Please note: Actual and precise measurements are necessary.  Poor measurements can lead to windscreens  longer or shorter than your fence.


All Court Covers windscreen panels shall be as supplied by All Court Covers, or its authorized representative.  The successful bidder shall provide a four year warranty covering peeling, cracking and coating as well as the U.C.C. implied warranties of merchant ability and suitability for the purpose intended.

The windscreens will retain 80% of its value after 1 year, 60% after 2 years, 30% after three years, 0%, after four years.  All tennis windscreens must be hung properly to engage warranty. Please ask us for installation instructions. Failure to install tennis court windscreens properly voids product warranty.

Ancillary Products

                                                    Tennis Windscreens

 Air-Vents (windows) for PVC tennis windscreens 12” by 6” cut outs   with no flaps. Bound with Polypropylene tape binding. Rectangular vents when required   are recommended every 10 feet on PVC Windscreens.

 Tennis Windscreens

Smile vents-Cut   Openings with flaps Half-moon flaps.   Available on PVC screens only.

Tennis Windscreens

9’   Anti-billow tabs are fabricated in the center of 9′ windscreens to reduce billowing. Allows for   fastening 9′ high screens at the top, center, sides and bottom.

    Tennis Windscreens

Self-Locking   ‘Break-Away’ Plastic Ty-Raps 7-1/2″ long 50 lb. ty-rap is a great choice to protect windscreens from damage due to gusting winds.
     Tennis Windscreens Polypropylene   Rope – Black Used to fasten windscreens to fence by threading rope through windscreen grommets and fence mesh. Available in Black

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