Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains

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Indoor tennis court backdrop curtains provide players with walls that effectively define the playing area. Backdrops also provide the players with a background for seeing the ball better.

Tennis court backdrops curtains can have individual doorways with viewing mesh.


ACC-20 Tennis Court Backdrops are the most durable curtains on the market today. All Court Covers tennis court backdrops are well built, 20 oz. vinyl polyester curtains that are able to stand up to the worst abuse tennis curtains can experience. ACC curtains are custom made to fit your facility.

Tennis court backdrop curtains are made with web straps on top and grommets in the top hem. This web strap allows the tennis curtain to be installed straight across the wire. Tennis court backdrop curtains are delivered installation-ready. All ACC-20 tennis court backdrops are fire retardant, and pass all codes enforced by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Colors range from sixteen different selections.


Warranty: (ACC-20) includes an unconditional 10-year product warranty.  The warranty includes a lifetime warranty for the curtains’ die-electric seams.

  • Wrap: 191-method standards are met with the mechanical properties of the material
  • 100-pound wrap and 100-pound fill (5134.5) Tear Strength
  • 25 pounds per 2-inch Coating Adhesion (5970)
  • 125 pound resistance from puncture with 0.31 chisel tip (5903)

Tennis Backdrops with Individual Doorway

 Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains
Walk Way Area Between Courts


ACC-14 Tennis Court Backdrops are made of 14 ounce vinyl. AllCourt Covers fabricates this product to stand up to a mid range of abuse while staying cost efficient. All of our tennis backdrop curtains are custom made to your facility measurements. This backdrop curtain is manufactured with a web strap on top, and 18″ on center grommets on the top hem. The web strap allows the tennis curtain  to be installed straight across the wire.

Every ACC-14 Tennis Court Backdrop curtain is flame retardant. They all pass all NFPA regulations as well.

Available colors: blue and medium-green.

Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains 14 ounce

Warranty: Five (5) Year Warranty. Lifetime warranted on seams.

Tennis Wing Ends

material 100% vinyl laminated polyester

  • weight 13ozcount 9 x 9/1indenier 1,000tensile strength 253/223 lbs/intear strength 74/65 lbs/inadhesion 24lbsgerm/odor treatmentfire retardant pass

Backdrop Curtain Doorways

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Individual Doorways
ACC doors sit right on the curtains. They don’t hang from the wire. The player simply moves the flap to enter the court. All standard doors can be easily and economically replaced.

All Court Covers’ individual doors are built as part of the curtains. They hang off the curtain itself and not the wire.  Individual doorways include  hinges, allowing safe and easy access. Doorways can have viewing mesh put in them as well as court numbers stenciled on the door.

Viewing Mesh

ACC custom designed window provides players with the ability to see what is going on on the court. That way no players are disturbed while at play.  Spectators can view the players without distraction. ACC gives the club the choice of installing angled corners. Owners can opt to make a mesh window in any open areas of the tennis curtain. Angled corners can be custom made to fit the corners of your court. ACC has the option of installed mesh windows. Add your club logo to make the transformation complete.

Do you want custom  tennis court backdrop curtains that have an individual doorway with a viewing mesh in it? Do you want the tennis court backdrop curtains to have a California corner? Every ACC tennis backdrop curtain is made to meet individual specifications.

No two wire heights are exactly the same. No two curtain heights will be the same either.  Give us a call to discuss individual doorways with viewing mesh or California corners.

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Custom Indoor Sports Products

Custom Made Tennis Backdrop Curtains
All Court Covers customizes designs for every indoor facility that we cover. That is because no two facilities are alike.


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