Tennis Court Column Pads

Do you want custom tennis court column pads that are actually slightly larger than the standard? Would you like them to be a little wider? ACC started out manufacturing industrial fabrics to our customers’ specified designs.

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Custom Tennis Court Column Padding

All Court Covers will make any custom tennis court column pads with any type of closure that you want. Velcro or grommets, it doesn’t matter. ACC pads are the most shock absorbent custom tennis court column pads offered. A full 4″ thickness to provide protection between players and columns. They each extend 2″ on the far side face of each column to stop injury from nearly any angle, and are easy to install with special adhesive to column face. We suggest that installation for bent (roof support) columns start at one foot above the surface. 60″ x 14″ x 4″  safety pads are available, and are suggested for straight, facet wall columns. Installation for these safety pads is suggested at surface level. Overall dimensions, 72″ x 10″ x 4″.

Steel columns, hidden behind backdrop curtains, are a part of the sport, however they may cause a hazard. Left uncovered, these columns will cause injury to a player on accidental impact. Our indoor custom tennis court column pads offer you permanent, injury-preventing protection.

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Total Protection with All Court Cover Pads

At All Court Covers, we provide every kind of court column pad. We have a tendency to use four-inch foam. This makes for the most shock-absorbent court column pad obtainable on the market these days. These really superior pads offer protection between your players and the steel columns.

Providing padding around your columns reduces the liability for a player experiencing injury at your facility. The fast pace of a match might lead to falls and accidental collisions. As a result, the thick, superimposed protection of our column pads protects players.

ACC column pads consist of a unique combination of strength and protection. Choices of All Court Cover pads include:

1) Coated in fourteen-ounce vinyl that matches the color of your backdrops. Our colors are white, blue and black.
2) All Court Covers column pads are glued to each column using a special, lasting bonding agent. This adhesive is obtainable by the gallon.
3) The recommended installation height for the ACC-5 tennis game column pad is one foot off the surface of your court.
4) Conjointly raise your court profile with our ACC-6 athletic game column pads. ACC-6 has additional height. These pads are ideal for your facility’s 10″ side columns.