Tennis Divider Nets

Tennis court divider netting provide additional safety for your players during a game. Our standard variety of tennis court divider nets are available at 10 feet and 12 feet. Our divider nets are designed to handle extreme weather and regular wear and tear. ACC’s range of tennis court divider nets are available in either black or green. The divider nets come with vinyl tape border around the netting, and grommets on top at 18″ on center.

Our Different Tennis Dividers

Gamma court divider net, Price/Each

ACC offers a wide range of tennis court divider netting for tennis courts. These can be divided into three options. Plain netting, standard netting with removable Velcro bottom, and netting with a 6 inch vinyl kick plate.  1-3/4” #16 divider nets are equipped with solid kick plates for extra stability and strength. Our tennis court divider nets are available in two colors, black and green.

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Outdoor Tennis  Netting


These are available in the same design as the standard tennis court divider netting. The exception is the last 2 feet, where removable Velcro can be installed at the bottom made of an equivalent 1-3/4″ #16 court divider net.

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Tennis Court Divider Netting


The finest in pure indoor tennis court divider nets – a must for ball control. It is obtainable in black or green. The tennis court divider netting has a vinyl tape border all around for a longer life. Grommet spacing is every 18” on top with snap hooks.  Divider nets are delivered complete and ready to put up.

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Kick Plate


The kick plates take up about 6” at the bottom, and are made from 13ounce vinyl that can be sewn on or Velcroed.

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Do you want custom court divider nets that are actually a little bit higher than the standard height? Do you want the custom tennis court divider netting to have more width than the typical size? All Court Covers provides products that always meet customer specifications.

Custom Sports Products

Custom Made Tennis Court Divider Nets

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No one has the same wire height for their divider nets. That is why we custom make our custom tennis divider nets to your particular needs.

We custom manufacture tennis divider nets with  performance and economy in mind. All Court Covers offers knotted or knotless netting choices. Our court divider nets are offered in green, or black.

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All of our custom made tennis court divider nets have sturdy grommets, and they are spaced 18″ on center across the top. Additionally, you’ve got many bottom construction choices, to increase the lifetime of your indoor or outdoor divider nets.

The most well-liked choice is a 24” tall detachable Velcro bottom. Now there is no need to replace an entire net when the bottom gets a hole in it. Another choice is a 6” tall solid vinyl bottom skirt. This can be Velcroed or sewn on. A lead rope weighted bottom is another choice for any of our tennis court divider nets.